• Protecting the integrity of your Product.
    Cost savings in Assembly, Painting and Material Handling
  • Protecting the integrity of your Product.
    Cost savings in Assembly, Painting and Material Handling
  • Solutions in Protectors and Fixtures
    Custom made tools for your manufacturing process.
  • Technology
    R&D on materials, ergonomy
    and manufacturing products
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    Focus to solve complex customer needs.
    Technical and Engineering Assistance


FORZA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is a company that designs, develops, manufactures and exports, non-production systems as hard and soft PROTECTORS and also designs and manufactures mechanical FIXTURES to assist the standard processes, avoid or reduce damage cost and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing lines on the painting, mounting, assembly and finish lines and the material handling, primarily of the Automotive industry and the Manufacturing Industry for over 18 years. Providing technical assistance and engineering analysis services to assist our customers to get the optimal, cost effective set of solutions.

CORE COMPETENCY. Our engineers, technicians and sales staff have capture the nature of the protection and fixture business of our customers and as consequence, have develop such set of abilities to identify wishes, needs and frustrations on the overall manufacturing process.

UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION. Provide all our customers in manufacturing lines of the Automotive OEM market, Aftermarket, Home Appliance and Tier 1, the accumulated knowledge asses from the technical, engineering and sales staff on the field all the lessons gained on each new project, to reduce development time and costs, with more creativity, originality and innovation, design, ergonomy and value added features and solutions. Optimization of the products and services by keeping flexibility to solve and respond customer needs. Motivated and obligated to constantly search new ways to solve new needs, and performe the order as requested.

Be strategically prepared and adapted at all levels to respond on any new trends and challenges coming from the manufacturing industry.


Forza Global Solutions develops tailored solutions, as every customer needs are unique and have its own complexity in the field of protectors for products and different types of fixtures, jigs, gauges, poka-yokes.
We focus to keep simple and stylish solutions to satisfy our customer specific needs with ergonomic design, value added products, to increases the efficiency of the productions lines of our customers, to reduce costs of rework, overwork.


Technical Services

Quick response with an optimal solution

The right angle, the shape of a curve and the way to position the product with the handling is key factors that our technicians take into account.

After-Sales Services

Right performance to endure heavy work

We offer the proper preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance, as well the right way to use and the suggestion to carry the products, are part of our services.


Our RANGE OF SOLUTIONS can be identify and apply to assist the mounting, assembly, painting stages on several production lines of industries such as the automotive with: passenger cars, light trucks, heavy duty trucks, home appliances, recreational, specialty, agricultural vehicles, building exteriors, medical equipment, machinery harm protection and automotive aftermarket.



(EUA, Canadá, México, Rusia, India, Venezuela)


10% Solutions come from our customer design.

Tech & Innovation

We help our customers to solve needs and requests, through prototyping and manufacturing using our different manufacturing processes. As our systems are flexible and competitive and cost-effective on both low (batch) and high (production) volumes projects.

The company added a versatile and specific software suite for the automotive and industrial sector to generate CAD designs, with the purpose of generating rapid prototyping, conceptualization, mechanical modeling and CAE engineering, file exchange with the industry, support various levels of product development, modeling based on NURBS and with great compatibility with other platforms, strong handling of complex surfaces, fluids, tolerance and kinematics. As well as linking the design with the production and growth architecture for manufacturing CAM.

As well taking 3D readings and measures with very accurate tolerances, and a fast way to capture physical structures through our scanner. This helps the engineering personnel to realize details or reverse engineering. In addition we can realize fast prototypes in plastics with our 3D printers.

This is handled by a team of designers who have acquired a constant experience both in the field and the manufacturing floor, and have created very agile individual capacities to represent, render and understand complex ideas in a simple way, making the interactions to reach the optimum in short times, conceptualized in an ergonomic way and taking care of the design.

Understanding the properties of materials and their strengths. Visualizing the entire process from the design to its easy and correct manufacturing to reduce steps and times and waste.

Our thermoforming processes, give us the possibility to offer capricious forms to plastic sheets of various calibers, small or large format, to a diversity of different materials to provide both functional and aesthetic solutions to provide a wide range of solutions both focused on Automotive and Industrial solutions. With quality, durability, warranty and finishing to final products. The benefits of our process help our clients by having:

  • Low cost tooling, generating an excellent cost, time and profit.
  • Fast development speed.
  • Flexible processes.

An example of the materials used are:

  • HDPE, PE UHMW, LDPE, PP (Homopolymer or Coopolymer), ABS, PVC, Acrylic, PET, PS, PC.
  • Polymers with natural fiber, flame retardant, impact modifying additives..

Our process is based on obtaining the plasticization of the polymer by means of heat, pressure and friction, to give it a flat sheet shape, generating the flexibility, independence and control of response that is required for each of our projects. From this sheet we can generate different calibers, as well as different widths, to achieve the maximum efficiency according to the mold for thermoforming purposes.

In our portfolio of materials, we have incorporated into these sheets other types of materials such as natural fibers to reduce environmental impacts, as well as flame retardants for special applications where there may be exposure, and impact modifiers to increase their life.

The engineering and production staff possess the ability to convert and modeling by a CAD design, pieces of various materials, with the freedom of action of 5-axis machine tools (3 + 2).

In addition, this machining capability is complemented by parallel 2-axis numerical control lathes, which provide the ideal solutions to the complexity, quality and functionality of the final piece to be obtained.

Among the various materials to be machined and the solutions we have offered include: steels, special steels, aluminum and non-ferrous, wood, resins, foams, among others.

Robots with 6 axes of freedom, allowing us machined soft materials to provide solutions to large volumes.

The injection of engineering plastics, opens doors to offer with this equipment, the ability to mold with a high precision, through a process of constant injection, clean and efficient, any thermoplastic, from a LDPE to a PC with loads. We count with state-of-the-art ENGEL technology.

We offer the vulcanization process, when the challenge of the solution involves working with rubber or some type of polymer that is more durable, with superior mechanical properties, but especially when it is sought in a piece that tension is applied and it is suffers momentarily deforms and once that tension is removed, it is required that the piece revert to its original shape, as well as when the piece in question is exposed to high temperatures. This would be the correct solution to the device you are looking for.

We understand the importance of the handling, storage and distribution of industrial and final consumption materials as well. For these applications, we analyze the problem and the environment to offer the closes conceptualization and then, develop the correct solution to deliver the appropriate material handling and ranges from large to small, and heavy to light components. This type of solutions, we offer starting from thermoformed to specific machining processes in special materials, both for low volume and high.

The fiberglass process allows the proper flexibility as well to create a range of very particular solutions for any industrial type.

The process we offer, is very suitable when it comes to issues of flexibility in when to required volumes, size ranges of the final piece, cost per pound (kg), response time, as well generate features ranging from thermal insulation, as response to thermal expansion, acoustic and electrical insulation and to protect against corrosion.

This process is recommended, when what is sought, is to increase the resistance and reduce the weight of the piece or structure that we offer the customer as a solution, adding aesthetics to the piece.

This helps us generate a range of fixtures to assist many assembly tasks, with great flexibility when it comes to rough processes that traditionally use high-weight parts.

The textile process increases the range of possibilities and the flexibility to handle only fabrics or combined with other materials, in order to offer tailor-made solutions, with high quality, cost-benefit-operability. Soft materials are recommended for their versatility, optimal use to handling.

Our machinery are suitable to carry out the type of hard work and high volume that is required, using the best materials to offer resistance to cuts, wear, impacts or deformations. Or soft materials that provides the right contact solutions on any delicate surface, as providing adequate weight relationships and if it required, provide the functionality at high temperatures exposure.

In addition to manufacturing capacity, the company has the skills and quality to propose, design and manufacture ergonomic processes of sub-assemblies for small components such as workbench devices, insoles, and scantlings. Taking care of the specifications and closed tolerances that are required.

We create our own moldings and thermoforming molds, using a range of materials according to the requirement, and in specific cases, large and high precision thermoforming molds. This service we can offer to companies that require, expertise, quality and time response.